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You will learn

  • What is the role of habits in achieving Health Weight?

  • Why is protein important for our body?

  • How to be active in current routine

  • What are healthy eating habits?

  • The value of meal timing

  • How to get started on your weight loss journey?

About Dr. Adarsh Gupta

Dr. Adarsh Gupta is an author, speaker, consultant, and lifestyle counselor who specializes in metabolic health and general medicine. He has presented locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally on the topics related to obesity, weight management, metabolism, wellness, health technology, medical informatics, evidence-based medicine, and ethics.

Dr. Gupta has been counseling people since 2006 to help them achieve a healthy lifestyle and wellness. He believes that health is not static but a dynamic state. To maintain health, one needs to focus on not just diet and exercise but also behavioral components of habits as well as mindset. One can achieve a healthy state and remain there when he develops healthy sustainable habits and develop a healthy mindset where he is able to handle stresses in life. His courses incorporate these principles and provide practical guides to help one achieve health and happiness.

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